The Students’ Opinion Toward English Broadcasting Program Of Ramapati Radio Station


  • Emilia Ajeng Lestari Universitas PGRI Wiranegara


opinion, English, broadcasting


This research was conducted with the aim of obtaining data about what students' opinions were when students became broadcasters in the English program. This research uses the qualitative descriptive research method that focuses on surveys. In this study, the researcher used an instrument, namely a questionnaire, followed by an interview, and then analyzed by the researcher using a human. The subjects of this study consisted of 38 English students who joined the English broadcast program (CHEMISTRY). From this research, it is revealed what are the opinions of students on the English broadcasting program in Ramapati which is divided into 10 categories, namely: the likeness to speak English on radio, the opinion of students' speaking ability, nature of speaking ability, the lecturers' instruction, and the lecturers' feedback for the broadcaster in the English broadcasting program at radio Ramapati. From the results obtained, it can be concluded that students do not really like speaking English because they lack confidence. To get rid of their self-doubt, the students made preparations before starting the broadcast program by learning general knowledge, improvising so that the broadcast sounded more interesting, and responding well to listeners. In addition, before the broadcast, students study material related to the topic provided by the lecturer so that they do not find it difficult to bring up the topic. The students also stated that they were very happy when their broadcasts were heard and received lectures delivered directly by the lecturers.



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