The Students' Attitude Toward English Grammar Learning At PGRI Wiranegara University


  • Silfana Alfiyati Dewi silfana UNIWARA


Attitude, english, grammar


Grammar is an important element that must be mastered in learning English. Although grammar is an important element in English, the fact is that the use of grammar consistently is often neglected by students, especially students of English study programs. Many researches also show errors made by them. This is the reason for the researcher to find out how students’ attitudes toward learning English grammar at the PGRI Wiranegara University are. This study used a quantitative approach, and the researcher used a questionnaire as the research instrument to obtain information about the students’ attitude toward English grammar learning at English Education study program of PGRI Wiranegara University. The questionnaire was made by the researcher through Google Form and distributed via WhatsApp from June 14, 2022, to June 17, 2022. The data was described based on the three components of attitude and also described with statistical analysis. In the result of this study, the researcher conclude that overall students of the English study program at PGRI Wiranegara University had a positive attitude toward English grammar learning. From the results obtained, the researchers found that students had positive attitudes toward learning English grammar based on the affective and cognitive components. While in the third component, the researcher found that students had a neutral attitude towards learning English grammar based on the conative component. It can be seen based on statistical analysis which shows that the overall average is 3.53, which means the positive category with a population standard deviation of > 0.788.



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