A Study On The Teaching Word Stress At PGRI Wiranegara University


  • Nurul Khilmia Khilmia Universitas PGRI Wiranegara


Phonology, Teaching, Word Stress


The teaching and learning stress are crucial and often ignored by the learners and the lecturer. In fact, learning stress is very important because it can helps the learners from mispronunciation and misunderstanding during conducting a conversation.The objective of this study  was to know the preparation, the way how the lecturer implements the word stress class, the problems faced by the lecturer and the students, and how the lecturer made the evaluation of the class. This Descriptive Qualitative research used observation, documentation, and an open-ended interview with 5 questions for the lecturer and 8 questions for the students. The subject of this research was the English Phonology lecturer and fourth grade semester students at PGRI Wiranegara University Pasuruan, which consist of  40 students, 35 female and 5 male. This research conducted on June 18th and 27th, 2022. The result of this research is the lecturer could implement the appropriate method to improve the students’ pronunciation ability, especially in stressing word. It is proven by 78% of the total students got score above the minimum criteria. The lecturer could created the good vibes in the offline class that made the students enjoy and felt comfort in joining the class. This activity  also could solved the problems which the main problems faced by the lecturer was difficult to accustomed to the students about the importance of word stress, while the students’ problems were lack of knowledge and less practice.



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