The Students' Problems in Learning English Speaking at SMAN 1 Grati Pasuruan


  • Fida Oktavia Universitas PGRI Wiranegara


Learning English, Speaking, Students' Problems


Speaking is the important skill in learning English besides the ability to write, listen, and speak. The objectives of this research were to identify the problems faced by students in learning English speaking and to identify the factors that cause these problems. The research method used was a quantitative descriptive approach. This research took place at SMAN 1 Grati Pasuruan. To collect data about students’ problems in learning English speaking, the researcher used an instrument in the form of a questionnaire and consisted of 15 statements. The result of the research showed that most of the students had good motivation in participating in learning English speaking. However, on the contrary, most of the students experience several problems in learning English speaking. There were several problems and there were two factors that affected these problems include; inhibition, lack of topical knowledge, used of mother tongue, linguistic factors (lack of vocabulary, poor in grammar, poor in pronunciation), and psychological factors (anxiety, shyness, fear of making mistakes, fear of negative evaluation, lack of confidence). In this current research, the researcher is interested in carrying out the research on the students' problems in learning English speaking because by knowing the problems and their causal factors, the difficulty in learning English speaking will be reduced and will improve students’ speaking performance.



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