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In fact, learning stress is very important because it can helps the learners from mispronunciation and misunderstanding during conducting a conversation.The objective of this study&nbsp; was to know the preparation, the way how the lecturer implements the word stress class, the problems faced by the lecturer and the students, and how the lecturer made the evaluation of the class. This Descriptive Qualitative research used observation, documentation, and an open-ended interview with 5 questions for the lecturer and 8 questions for the students. The subject of this research was the English Phonology lecturer and fourth grade semester students at PGRI Wiranegara University Pasuruan, which consist of &nbsp;40 students, 35 female and 5 male. This research conducted on June 18<sup>th</sup> and 27<sup>th</sup>, 2022. The result of this research is the lecturer could implement the appropriate method to improve the students’ pronunciation ability, especially in stressing word. It is proven by 78% of the total students got score above the minimum criteria. The lecturer could created the good vibes in the offline class that made the students enjoy and felt comfort in joining the class. This activity &nbsp;also could solved the problems which the main problems faced by the lecturer was difficult to accustomed to the students about the importance of word stress, while the students’ problems were lack of knowledge and less practice.</p> Nurul Khilmia Khilmia Copyright (c) 2022 Enreal : English Research and Literacy Journal https://ojs.uniwara.ac.id/index.php/epj/article/view/292 Thu, 08 Sep 2022 00:00:00 +0000 The Students' Attitude Toward English Grammar Learning At PGRI Wiranegara University https://ojs.uniwara.ac.id/index.php/epj/article/view/290 <p>Grammar is an important element that must be mastered in learning English. Although grammar is an important element in English, the fact is that the use of grammar consistently is often neglected by students, especially students of English study programs. Many researches also show errors made by them. This is the reason for the researcher to find out how students’ attitudes toward learning English grammar at the PGRI Wiranegara University are. This study used a quantitative approach, and the researcher used a questionnaire as the research instrument to obtain information about the students’ attitude toward English grammar learning at English Education study program of PGRI Wiranegara University. The questionnaire was made by the researcher through Google Form and distributed via WhatsApp from June 14, 2022, to June 17, 2022. The data was described based on the three components of attitude and also described with statistical analysis. In the result of this study, the researcher conclude that overall students of the English study program at PGRI Wiranegara University had a positive attitude toward English grammar learning. From the results obtained, the researchers found that students had positive attitudes toward learning English grammar based on the affective and cognitive components. While in the third component, the researcher found that students had a neutral attitude towards learning English grammar based on the conative component. It can be seen based on statistical analysis which shows that the overall average is 3.53, which means the positive category with a population standard deviation of &gt; 0.788.</p> Silfana Alfiyati Dewi silfana Copyright (c) 2022 Enreal : English Research and Literacy Journal https://ojs.uniwara.ac.id/index.php/epj/article/view/290 Thu, 08 Sep 2022 00:00:00 +0000 The Students’ Opinion Toward English Broadcasting Program Of Ramapati Radio Station https://ojs.uniwara.ac.id/index.php/epj/article/view/286 <p>This research was conducted with the aim of obtaining data about what students' opinions were when students became broadcasters in the English program. This research uses the qualitative descriptive research method that focuses on surveys. In this study, the researcher used an instrument, namely a questionnaire, followed by an interview, and then analyzed by the researcher using a human. The subjects of this study consisted of 38 English students who joined the English broadcast program (CHEMISTRY). From this research, it is revealed what are the opinions of students on the English broadcasting program in Ramapati which is divided into 10 categories, namely: the likeness to speak English on radio, the opinion of students' speaking ability, nature of speaking ability, the lecturers' instruction, and the lecturers' feedback for the broadcaster in the English broadcasting program at radio Ramapati. From the results obtained, it can be concluded that students do not really like speaking English because they lack confidence. To get rid of their self-doubt, the students made preparations before starting the broadcast program by learning general knowledge, improvising so that the broadcast sounded more interesting, and responding well to listeners. In addition, before the broadcast, students study material related to the topic provided by the lecturer so that they do not find it difficult to bring up the topic. The students also stated that they were very happy when their broadcasts were heard and received lectures delivered directly by the lecturers.</p> Emilia Ajeng Lestari Copyright (c) 2022 Enreal : English Research and Literacy Journal https://ojs.uniwara.ac.id/index.php/epj/article/view/286 Thu, 08 Sep 2022 00:00:00 +0000 The Students' Problems in Learning English Speaking at SMAN 1 Grati Pasuruan https://ojs.uniwara.ac.id/index.php/epj/article/view/293 <p>Speaking is the important skill in learning English besides the ability to write, listen, and speak. The objectives of this research were to identify the problems faced by students in learning English speaking and to identify the factors that cause these problems. The research method used was a quantitative descriptive approach. This research took place at SMAN 1 Grati Pasuruan. To collect data about students’ problems in learning English speaking, the researcher used an instrument in the form of a questionnaire and consisted of 15 statements. The result of the research showed that most of the students had good motivation in participating in learning English speaking. However, on the contrary, most of the students experience several problems in learning English speaking. There were several problems and there were two factors that affected these problems include; inhibition, lack of topical knowledge, used of mother tongue, linguistic factors (lack of vocabulary, poor in grammar, poor in pronunciation), and psychological factors (anxiety, shyness, fear of making mistakes, fear of negative evaluation, lack of confidence). In this current research, the researcher is interested in carrying out the research on the students' problems in learning English speaking because by knowing the problems and their causal factors, the difficulty in learning English speaking will be reduced and will improve students’ speaking performance.</p> Fida Oktavia Copyright (c) 2022 Enreal : English Research and Literacy Journal https://ojs.uniwara.ac.id/index.php/epj/article/view/293 Thu, 08 Sep 2022 00:00:00 +0000 The Students' Problems In Essay Writing At English Education Program https://ojs.uniwara.ac.id/index.php/epj/article/view/270 <p>The purpose of this study was to reveal the problems experienced by students in writing essays at the University of PGRI Wiranegara Pasuruan. The method used was this research was descriptive quantitative. Quantitative data was obtained from the questionnaire. The subject of this study were 90 students of English Study Program at PGRI Wiranegara Pasuruan University in the academic year 2021/2022. The subject were from 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018 graders who had joined Essay Writing Course. They was taken by random sampling. The questionnaire was distributed by Google Form via WhatsApp from June 27 to July 4, 2022. The results of this proved that the students of English Education Study Program had problems in writing essays. Problems in essay writing relate to problems in finding and developing ideas, problems in the mechanics of writing and citation, problems in grammar use, problems in writing conventions, problems in finding appropriate vocabulary and problems in the coherence and cohesiveness of the text. The researcher suggests a strategy that must be carried out by students, namely, practicing writing essays regularly and then asking for corrections from lecturers who are indeed qualified in their fields, so that in the future it will be even better. English teachers are advised to know students' learning styles and provide methods that can be enjoyed in the learning writing process. Last, the research results can be used as a reference for the future researchers if they want to conduct research related to different aspects of the discussion.</p> Ni'matul Faizah Ni'ma Copyright (c) 2022 Enreal : English Research and Literacy Journal https://ojs.uniwara.ac.id/index.php/epj/article/view/270 Thu, 08 Sep 2022 00:00:00 +0000